1 Vata and Kapha Herbal Vedic Gift Tea Sample 2oz


Vata and Kapha Herbal Vedic Tea Gift Sample –  Around 1oz of each tea in the gift box. Only 5 available.
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Vata and Kapha Herbal Vedic Tea Gift Sample –  Around 1oz of each tea in the gift box. Only 5 available.

Vata (Air) Balancing Herbal Vedic Tea

Most people who are prone to stress and anxiety find consuming a cup of Vata tea to be completely invigorating. As this is a non-alcoholic beverage, it can be taken whether you are at the office or at home or elsewhere – and particularly at times when you are mentally agitated.

The specially prepared for Vata dosha people herbal tea is a healthy drink and contains all natural ingredients with no added caffeine. Instead of consuming aerated drinks, coffee or other hot beverages, Ayurvedic Vata herbal tea can provide certain positive health benefits – extra stamina, soothing of nerves, antioxidants for strengthening the immune system, loss of excess weight and balanced metabolism.
The prime function of Vata herbal tea is to calm the mind and soothe the nerves. Vata herbal tea is a rare blend of natural products specially handpicked from rich hilly areas and it helps to detoxify the body and balance the Vata dosha unbalances effects and can be safely consumed by persons of all age groups.
The blend includes chamomile, saffron, licorice, ginger root, fennel seeds, rosebuds, spearmint, rose hips, lemon grass, tulsi, natural orange flavor.
Kapha Balancing Herbal Vedic Tea

With Kapha herbal tea, you can add  zest to your life. Kapha herbal tea is a blend of spices that perks up your body and mind. This particular tea is 100% herbal and will definitely wake you up. It is caffeine free and can be used instead of coffee on damp, cold days or early mornings. You can have this Ayurvedic Kapha Tea at any time of the day to benefit from its stimulating effect or when you feel overweight, lethargic, slowness in digestion or when the weather is too cold. This blend was specially created for Kapha Dosha people.

Spice after spice is used in preparing the perfect ingredient for the Kapha balancing herbal tea. The blending of various spices come together to form the perfect herbal tea. This particular tea is prepared using a blend of different spices which include black pepper, clove, ginger root, peppermint, fennel, green cardamom, tulsi, licorice root, saffron, licorice, safflowers and sambuca flavor.

Kapha balancing herbal tea is known to be a healthy drink option especially when you feel Kapha Dosha unbalanced. The different spices used have unique characteristic and beneficial qualities in them. Some of the spices with their health benefits are provided below:

Dried ground ginger is one of the main ingredients as it is a warming spice which helps a great deal in contributing the pungent taste. Vata and Kapha are pacified as a result of it and the Pitta is increased. As it is known to be having healing properties, they are included in many Maharishi Ayurveda formulations.

According to Ayurveda, the circulation, digestion and metabolism are enhanced because of cloves. They also help in curing stomach disorders like nausea, bloating and gas.

Ayurveda has a healing spice known as black pepper. Black pepper possesses the antioxidant and cleansing properties. It also helps in transporting the herbs benefits to the various parts of the body. Oxygen is reached to the brain and digestion is enhanced as a result of black pepper. It also helps in circulating and stimulating the appetite.

 Cardamom is tridoshic means it balances all three doshas. Cardamom is believed to be an excellent digestive spice which is greatly beneficial in reducing intestinal gas and bloating. Kapha can be balanced well with cardamom, especially in the lungs and stomach.

In Ayurvedic cooking, turmeric is omnipresent. Turmeric contains flavanoid – curcumin in it which has anti-inflammatory properties. This particular spice is an all-rounder as it is said to detoxify the liver, fight allergies, boost immunity, balance cholesterol, stimulate digestion and enhance the complexion. Turmeric is also an antioxidant.

Saffron is widely used in Ayurvedic cooking be it vegetable dishes, desserts and to season rice. Saffron is used for its pleasant aroma and its royal color.