Wholesale Tea Supplier Bulk Premium Loose Leaf Tea at PrimaTea

Primatea is the wholesale and retail wholesale premium tea supplier. We  are offering a Large Selection of premium Organic, and Fair Trade certified loose leaf tea at the wholesale prices. When you buy from us, you do not need to set up any special special account. You can purchase your tea in the 2lb packaging and save money and time. Our tea shop offers the highest quality artisan premium loose leaf tea at the wholesale pricing. Additional discounts available for retailers and tea shops. Purchase matcha, oolong, pu-erh, black tea, green, white loose leaf tea and many other for your business or your home. You will always pay less at our PrimaTea wholesale tea shop and get the best quality premium tea to enjoy.   If you are looking for a tea for your Dosha, you can read more information about each Ayurveda Dosha . We also carry the Ayurvedic Herbal Tea Blends