Earl Grey Tea Selection

Earl Grey tea is known for its bergamot flavor. The tea tastes wonderful if taken with a slice of lemon. This brewed concept is known as one of the most popular concept all over the world. The legend has it that in 1830 Earl Charles Grey, the British Prime Minister was given the recipe by a mandarin, while the Prime Minister was on tour. According to another version, British Prime Minister had saved the life of a mandarin. This tea was given to the Prime Minister by the mandarin as a gratitude to him. While in London, Earl Grey requested his tea suppliers to create this tea afresh. Thus, by this way the new and improved version of Earl Grey tea came, which became instantly hit all over the world. Thus, it can be said that Earl Grey tea owes its roots to British history. Today, this tea is savored along with classic English breakfast. People would enjoy the tea with or without milk and cream.

Early grey offers several healing properties. It helps in controlling cold and flu;  people with depression and anxiousness would find it offering a soothing effect. Earl Grey tea also works as an antidepressant, because it contains a flavor called Bergamot, which is the key ingredient of the tea. This tree is often found in abundance in South Italy. Its flavor is the amalgamation of lemon, orange and grapefruit mixed. Its aroma is linked to orange blossom. Earl Grey tea also works as an antioxidant, even a cup of tea per day could help in warding off
the infection, illness and other diseases.

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