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Wholesale Tea Supplier Bulk Premium Loose Leaf Tea at PrimaTea

Primatea is the wholesale and retail wholesale premium tea supplier. We  are offering a Large Selection of premium Organic, and Fair Trade certified loose leaf tea at the wholesale prices. When you buy from us, you do not need to set up any special special account. You can purchase your tea in the 2lb packaging and save money and time. Our tea shop offers the highest quality artisan premium loose leaf tea at the wholesale pricing. Additional discounts available for...Read More

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Black Tea and is Types

The most common household tea is the black tea and is used world-wide for its beautiful flavor and mesmerizing smell. But the black tea which we drink is of many types with each constituting a distinct flavor, depending of the growing region. Black tea is prepared by the extreme oxidation of the leaves of the tea plant - higher oxidization process is what gives this tea its color and flavor. The tea is known to possess the highest caffeine content...Read More

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Hibiscus Karkade Red Tea is a Rejuvenating Antioxidant

If you wish to drink your tea the ‘Royal’ way, then you should consider this Hibiscus Karkade Red tea as an alternative or the tasfull addition to your daily tea consummation. This tea which was the favorite of the pharaohs of Egypt and Sudan is prepared from the petals of the tropical Hibiscus flower. The flower is available world-wide but is widely grown and used on the fields of Sudan. The tea is bright red in color and has a...Read More

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Chinese Loose Leaf Tea Story

“Its liquor is like the sweetest dew of Haven”, Lu Yu The extensive history, contained in a single cup of loose leaf tea, is an exciting story that belies the gentle and relaxing nature of this mild beverage. Millions of people around the planet begin and end their day with a fresh cup of hot green tea or black tea. Tea’s origin began in China, the birthplace of the first cultivated tea gardens along Yunnan’s southern border. Awareness of tea...Read More

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The Short Tea Leaf Story – England- India

Today as before, loose leaf tea in the most favorite drink in England and the second most consumed beverage (after water) in the world.   Tea’s origin began in China sometimes 2700 BC. Only in 17th Century tea reached Europe in and  becoming fashionable in the coffeehouses, joining coffee and hot chocolate.         By 1669, England granted a group of merchant a monopoly on English trade in the Far East. This newly formed company was known as the John Company, which...Read More

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Lose Weight with Tea

Tea weight loss concepts are growing in popularity as more people begin to realize just how powerful this simple beverage can be.  Tea leaves are well known for their amazing health benefits and are now becoming widely recognized for their ability to help drinkers lose weight by simply drinking this amazing beverage.  So does tea weight loss really work? And, if so, how does one simple drink contribute to weight loss programs and diets? As you likely already know, tea...Read More

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Pu-erh Tea Weight Loss Helper

Pu'erh is my favorite kind of tea. It is the aged tea, that gets better with age, as wine, that has a unique distinctive taste and aroma and has lower caffeine content then the black tea. Pu-erh is a large leaf tea variety. It is grown and picked throughout the year. Although dark Pu'erh tastes much like black tea, it is not black or oolong tea, but falls into a category of its own. Pu'erh tea is processed much like...Read More

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Why The Tea Is Healthy

Most of us know that tea is a natural beverage that does not contain artificial coloring, flavoring, or preservatives. Tea is also free of cholesterol and calories. We have all heard through the media, friends, family, etc. that drinking tea is food for us and may help keep us healthy. So, what exactly is in this tiny leaf that makes tea such a healthy beverage? According to the published researches. daily requirements percentages, 3.5 cups of tea contain the following...Read More

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Hibiscus Tea- Karkade and it Magical Health Properties

Hibiscus tea, as the name suggests, is produced from the petals of hibiscus flowers. It is usually blended with some other base tea like black tea or green tea. The tea has a long and rich history which can be traced as far back as ancient Egypt. Its sweet ‘n’ sour taste was a great relief from Nile Valley’s intense heat. It wasn’t just Egypt where the tea was appreciated. It was consumed in numerous countries, known by a different...Read More

Understanding Tea Grading

All tea is derived from the tea plant “camellia sinensis”, but the similarity broadly ends here. Tea undergoes a complex and varied processing procedure which leads to a vast difference in the appearance, taste, and aroma of the final product. The characteristics of the tea are also influenced by the climatic and geographic conditions of the region where it is grown. A key factor in deciding a tea’s final quality is the kind and variety of tea leaf plucked to...Read More