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Hibiscus Tea- Karkade and it Magical Health Properties

Hibiscus tea, as the name suggests, is produced from the petals of hibiscus flowers. It is usually blended with some other base tea like black tea or green tea. The tea has a long and rich history which can be traced as far back as ancient Egypt. Its sweet ‘n’ sour taste was a great relief from Nile Valley’s intense heat. It wasn’t just Egypt where the tea was appreciated. It was consumed in numerous countries, known by a different...Read More

Understanding Tea Grading

All tea is derived from the tea plant “camellia sinensis”, but the similarity broadly ends here. Tea undergoes a complex and varied processing procedure which leads to a vast difference in the appearance, taste, and aroma of the final product. The characteristics of the tea are also influenced by the climatic and geographic conditions of the region where it is grown. A key factor in deciding a tea’s final quality is the kind and variety of tea leaf plucked to...Read More

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Chrysanthemum Tea and its Health Benefits

Ever wondered about an herbal tea that has extraordinary benefits to offer? Try the chrysanthemum tea, its magic is sure to leave your spell-bound. This transparent yellow tea with a blend of floral aroma and sweetness offers more benefits than it seems. Chrysanthemum Tea is the brewed extract of water and dry chrysanthemum flowers which is a mixture rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, beta-carotene, vitamin C and niacin. The white and yellow varieties of the flower are the most used...Read More

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Pitta Dosha in Ayurveda

The ancient text of Ayurveda lays great importance on the energy forces that regulate an individual’s physiological and psychological characteristics. One of the primary energy force or Dosha in the human body is known as ‘Pitta’. Pitta is a force created by the elements of fire and water. It is imperative to understand pitta dosha to ensure that the state of the body’s defense mechanism is balanced naturally, and also to understand why certain imbalances are caused due to the...Read More

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Vata dosha in Aurveda, Vata Tea

The ancient science of Ayurveda believes in three different doshas or dynamic energies - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha – as sustaining the human body. The entire system of Ayurveda medicine is based on the theory that all diseases emanate from lack of synthesis of these three doshas. In other words, any imbalance in the doshas is what provokes the disease in the human system. Ayurveda aims at restoring any imbalance through the regulation of the doshas.             The Ayurveda treatment of diseases predominantly consists of balanced food...Read More

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Effects of Green Tea during Pregnancy

Effects of Green Tea during Pregnancy Green Tea is one beverage loaded with health benefits and advantages, but its consumption has always been a point of debate during times of pregnancy. The tea has its own negatives and positives and hence requires understanding of the effects caused by green tea consumption. The Tea offers a huge lot of benefits that can be exploited by pregnant women. It is a natural immune booster and is beneficial throughout the pregnancy period to ward off...Read More

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Why The Tea Is Healthy

Most of us know that tea is a natural beverage that does not contain artificial coloring, flavoring, or preservatives. Tea is also free of cholesterol and calories. We have all heard through the media, friends, family, etc. that drinking tea is food for us and may help keep us healthy. So, what exactly is in this tiny leaf that makes tea such a healthy beverage? According to the published researches. daily requirements percentages, 3.5 cups of tea contain the following...Read More

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Pu’erh Tea Weight Loss Helper

Pu'erh is a large leaf tea variety. It is grown and picked throughout the year. Although dark Pu'erh tastes much like black tea, it is not black or oolong tea, but falls into a category of its own. Pu'erh is processed much like black tea with the exception of a couple steps. The tea is picked, processed and partially fired allowing the leaves to retain moisture. The slightly moist tea is then piled. The natural bacterium on the leaves creates...Read More

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Tea Types By Region

Assam. These teas are grown in the Assam Valley of India. To the far north east of India is the state of Assam, known for the one-horned rhino and the Brahmaputra river. Along both sides of this mighty river lie the rolling plains of the world's largest tea growing area along with the highest yield per acre. Assam is the birthplace of India tea as discovered by Robert Bruce in 1823. Tea plants are cultivated in tea gardens on large...Read More

Green Tea – Health Properties

Green tea is from the same plant as all other teas. Due to minimal processing,( it does not go through the oxidation process.) Green Tea retains high levels of the plant's natural, healthy properties. The leaves retain their natural color and yield golden yellow to emerald green infusions. Green Tea is typically milder, fresher and more "green" in flavor than Black Tea. The flavor of Green Tea varies dramatically; Some are smooth and floral, while others are sweet and grassy. Green...Read More