Organic Blueberry Black Loose Leaf Tea – Bulk 2LB


Organic black tea with blueberry leaves and blueberry flavor

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Organic black tea with blueberry leaves and blueberry flavor

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  1. Jonh Anderson

    It was the first time that I tried Blueberry tea when I was on a trip. I bought this tea from Primatea thinking that it could be fun and now I can’t stop myself from drinking it. The boldness of its flavor is way better than other blueberry teas that I tried earlier. It is worth buying this tea from Primatea since I didn’t get the tea as good as this one. I don’t think of trying a different flavor for some time now since this tea has completely made me addicted to it.

  2. Zaved Marjani

    When I took the first few sips of the blueberry black tea, I was wondering where the blueberries were as the scent of the tea was just as original. However, no sooner did I have the third sip or so, I had the taste of blueberries on my taste buds. Although it was not exactly like the taste of blueberries, you can expect similar taste of the blueberries to some extent. If you are a lover of blueberries and love tea at the same time, this tea would be just perfect for you. I usually add more milk to the tea which makes the tea almost taste like blueberry muffin.

  3. Brandon Hawkins

    It has a fabulous organic natural flavor of wild blueberries. I found its intoxicating aroma just ideal to sooth and relax y my body after a tiring day. It offers a unique blend of sweet and lush blueberries with rich and dense pungency of black tea. It tastes wonderful both with hot water and cold ice. A pinch of sugar further brings out its natural sweetness.

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