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 Tamponized Capsules “Princess Pearl”

100% herbs – pack consist of 6 “Pearls”

 Princess Guifei Bao Pearl tampons have no equivalent on the market, they are a unique preparation of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Self Examining: by using by only 1 -2 capsules you can find out whether you suffer from gynecopathy or not.

 Self Clearing: In a healthy woman, using only one grain a month,  you will clear away toxins and waste inside your vagina.

Self Healing: capsules are helpful for the treatment of diseases like hysteromyoma, cervical erosion, ovarian cyst, etc.

Self beautifying: regular usage of capsules improve facial quality, like paling, tarnishing, splash, xerosis cutis, wrinkled skin, etc.

 Self nourishing : using regular capsules can help in preventing gynecological diseases of vagina and uterus, and regain beauty.

 Advantages of using Princess Fohow Pearls:

  • Self-diagnosis: Use 1-2 tampons Princess Fohow Pearl to determine the presence of inflammation.
  • Self-cleaning: Use 1 Princess Fohow Guifei Bao Pearl – to cleanse the genital tract of toxins and pollutants.
  • Self-therapy: “Guifu Bao” tampons support the treatment of inflammation.
  • Skin therapy: “Guifu Bao” tampons improve the condition of the skin with such problems as: sun spots, pregnancy spots, age spots, brown spots, dull skin that is too dry and wrinkles
  • Prevention: use 1 tampon at least once a month .
  • Cleansing: effectively eliminates unpleasant odors, especially fungal, bacterial and mixed conditions, even those resistant to pharmacological treatments.
  • Detoxification from the remnants of post menstrual clots and accumulated toxins, pathological fungal and bacterial flora, restoring physiological functions.
  • Stimulating female sex hormone secretion
  • Reconstruction of physiological reproductive organs functions
  • Reconstruction of the vaginal wall elasticity and vaginal sensitivity
  • Improves urinary incontinence.
  • Help with PMS symptoms,
    Many hidden benefits, not possible to describe here – not for the public discussion
  • Effects on organ tissues and their appearance: moisturizing, restoring elasticity, smoothing unevenness, increasing the sensitivity of intimate zones, reducing scars and damage.
  • Slows aging: The herbal preparation stimulates the secretion of normal mucus. It helps soothe irritating organ dryness.
  • Cosmetic effects: The product improves and restores normal physiological functions, removes and whitens pigment spots, carefully whitens the skin, making it bright and pink, reduces wrinkles and therefore gives a woman a personal charm.
  • The globules restore normal ovulation, restoring the acid-base balance of the environment.


Princess Fohow Pearl Globules in the package contain 6 boxes, in each of them there is a tightly closed globule and 2 foil finger protectors.

For healing: One globule is applied for 3 days, followed by a 2-day break – and so for 1 month. After a month, to maintain the health effect of the intimate tract, prophylactically one globule is used a month, or if necessary, one globule a week.

Before usage, submerge in hot water for 5 minutes.



For external use.

It is not recommended for pregnant women and virgins.

Discontinue use during menstruation and during breastfeeding.

The product is not a medicine. This is not a medical advice and should not substitute any medical product. 


Rhubarb root, catechu acacia, dragon dracaena seed extract, Sophora flavescens, dried ripe celery fruit (Cnidium monnieri (L.), roasted alum, Chinese larch (Pseudolarix amabilis), alder, Bornia camphor, borax, other rare Bavarian corkscrew components TMC.


What you can expect:

You can expect the discomfort, itching, discharges and other symptoms of inflammation, showing you that you do have inflammation in your womanhood.
Do the best to hold it in, for as long as you can. If discomfort is unbearable take it out and let your body heal before using another tampon.
As you keep using it, the discomfort will be less with each time you use it. This is the healing process, and as all natural healing processes, the healing is happening through the healing crisis first during the toxins elimination and healing after.