Assam Tea

Assam tea is known for its distinct malty flavor. This tea is usually taken as a breakfast tea. To make this statement more transparent, English and Irish Breakfast tea are the perfect examples of Assam tea. This special tea comes from the Indian sub-continent’s state of Assam in East India and contains a beautiful ruby-amber hue. The tea is grown in lowland region where river Brahmaputra flows. The area is of course, sandy soil rich. Its cool climate, arid winter along with humid rainy season makes a perfect condition for this classic tea. Assam tea is usually harvested twice i.e. in a first and second flush. The first flush is picked up sometime during late March, while the second flush is harvested later. This second flush is more prized “tippy tea”, because of the presence of the gold tips which appear on its leaves. This second flush is full bodies and taste sweeter that is the reason why is considered as a superior tea than the first flush tea. On comparing the Assam Tea with that of Chinese tea plant, it could be seen that the Assam tea bush is dark green and glossy in nature than its Chinese counterpart. Its bush produces beautiful and delicate white blossoms.
Assam tea goes well with milk, cream or lemon. For sweetener purposes honey or sugar may be added prior to adding milk.

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