Hibiscus – Royal Karkade Red Tea is a Rejuvenating Antioxidant

If you wish to drink your tea the ‘Royal’ way, then you should consider the Hibiscus tea as an alternative to your tea. This tea which was the favorite of the pharaohs of Egypt and Sudan is prepared from the petals of the tropical Hibiscus sabdariffa flower. The flower is available world-wide but is commercially grown in the fields of Sudan. The tea is bright red in color and has a sour, tart taste along with a cranberry like flavour. The beverage can also be taken in a sweet form with a tinge of honey added with it. The tea is a rich source of amino acids and fruit acids, nutrients, vitamins, bioflavonoids and carbohydrates that are easily assimilated. It is taken world-wide either in a hot or cold beverage to provide refreshing effects.

The tea is known by different names in different parts of the world. It is known as roselle in parts of Asia, flor de Jamaica in Latin America, Sorrel in Jamaica and Red Sorrel in many parts of the Caribbean. It is also referred as Karkade in Egypt and Sudan and Bissap in West Africa. Though known by different names, the tea is consumed by large for its medicinal purposes world-wide.

The tea has been a favorite drink of the desert because it can effectively quench thirst. With a pinch of salt added to it, it helps restore the body’s balance of salt. This makes it an excellent drink for athletes who are required to replenish their body salts after a training session. It is also an abundant source of Vitamin C and hence acts an immune system booster.

It is a natural diuretic that aids in urinary tract disinfection. The presence of anthocyanin provides an anti-spasmodic effect that treats chronic constipation. It also soothes muscles and relieves cramps and can even be consumed for cure against stomach and menstrual cramps. It is but advised not to be consumed by patients with gastritis due to its sour taste.

The tea is a well-known blood pressure regulator. It can decrease levels of blood pressure when consumed cold and can increase it when taken hot. It is also an effective agent to strengthen the capillaries. Frequent usage helps reduce risk towards heart diseases. The tea is effectively known to refresh and remove the toxic effects of alcohol.

The Karkade tea is frequently taken to improve digestion and for appetite regulation. It is also used to treat heartburn and to reduce levels of cholesterol in the body. The tea has an anti-bacterial property and anti-allergenic nature, and hence protects the body from infections and allergies. The amount of anti-oxidants present in the tea also reduces premature aging effects. The tea is rich in amylase inhibitors and is hence known for its use to burn extra fat and is associated with treating obesity and extra weight. Being a safe drink free of preservatives and coloring, the tea can be even administered to children to acquire necessary results.